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How it works

Rate Your Landlord is a site created by expats for expats. It is very simple to use it. It works like many other review websites that allow customers to have their say. The way we buy things nowadays is changing rapidly with consumer feedback driving those changes (just look at retail giants like TripAdvisor, Amazon and eBay) and Rate Your Landlord lets tenants do just that.

Tenants are asked to rate their experiences of:

  • - the signing and letting process
  • - customer service
  • - efficiency of repairs
  • - safety and security
  • - value for money
  • - whether the house feels like a home
  • - the moving out process
  • - deposit handling

If they wish, tenants can also leave a comment.

The aim of Rate Your Landlord is to allow tenants to talk about their personal renting experiences and for others to learn from them, becoming savvy, safe and happy renters. Rate Your Landlord is here to provide an open, fair and balanced forum for tenants to have their say and for landlords and agencies to respond. We want tenants to share both good and bad experiences. The more reviews posted, the stronger the website becomes.

Tell us about your experiences – Rate Your Landlord right now!